Saturday, 25 June 2011

112 - Confessions...

Okay, I'm going to say this, and you might hate me or disagree with me...but I don't like metallic thread. I've never used any before tonight, and when I tried it caused me so much stress there are no words. I have to admit, now it's done, it does look lovely, but I'm not sure if it was worth it. I've heard that it is bad to work with, and after a  lot of cutting and knots and Thread Heaven (and one broken needle threader), I got there.

Anyway, this was all to finish of my trash bunnies car rubbish bag. So check it out.

Rubbish bag for my car

Rubbish bag for my car

If you want to get the pattern for yourself, it's free and you can grab it from here.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and now I can move on to my Wild Olive piece. Tomorrow I'm off for an early morning skate to run about on my toe stops and practise skating lower, and then maybe off to Glasgow for a birthday night out. Exciting times.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

111 - Stitchy stitch

Between episodes of True Blood and Gossip Girl, and the millions of spring rolls I ate tonight, I've been doing a bit of stitching.

Wild Olive's embroidery class started on Monday, and as I've not time, I've not made anything yet. But as I said before, I will make everything, but it may take me some time! I plan to make a list of everything I need to make in my owl notebook (which is where I usually make lists, stick things, and generally spraff about feelings) and that way I can check it off when I eventually get around to make it.

Anyway, as part of this class, I was sent a lovely floss pack from Wild Olive and DMC. Check those sexy colours. I adore the acid green. I cannot wait to stitch with it.


So tonight I started my Feeling Stitchy June Stitchalong piece, which is my trash bunnies car rubbish bag. I've got a new transfer pen, which is blue, so anything blue hasn't been stitched yet (though I do plan to do the other bunny in blue). Also because it's new it came out quite thick, and when I ironed it, it sort of smudged into the grass area. I'm sure it will fade a little but I was annoyed when it happened. However, not wanting to waste a bag, I didn't start again. Hopefully finish this at the weekend.


Then I transferred the pattern for a free pattern Wild Olive gave the embroidery class people. Another bag. I plan to use it to carry stuff to work in. I use a King Speech one just now that I won, but I would like a crafty themed one. This pattern took me three attempts to get on the bag. 1 - I smudged on the tracing paper. 2 - I started it and then realised I would have to double trace to get the writing the correct way, and as it's a big pattern I decided this was not cool. 3 - Eventually I remembered I had carbon paper and a stylus tool. Done. It's quite faint, but I'm impressed, because that means hopefully my stitches will cover it.


While we're talking about Wild Olive, a while ago I won a competition and won a load of her printables. I've got the housework themed set inside my kitchen cupboards with our cleaning rota on it. Very cute.

Wild Olive printable housework rota

I have a very Wild Olive house right now. But I'm quite alright with that.

As I said above I finally finished my True Blood box set tonight. I've got to say, I like it, but nowhere near as much as the book. I have these moments of "oh my god why did you change that, there was no need to make that different", but I tend to like book versions better  than TV/movie version.

Ah well, it's late, and I would like to read more of my new True Blood book before bed. Night crafters.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

110 - Embroidery love

So Donald is on the late shift this week, which usually means a lot of crafting. Nom. Though now I skate on a Wednesday, that's one less night where I can craft/be girly/eat food that Donald doesn't like, but it's all good.

This week I plan on making my June Stitchalong piece. I knew what I wanted to sew it on straight after I found the pattern, but things don't always go to plan. I wanted to stitch it onto a car trash bag from my 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre book. You basically hook it over the front seat head rest, and it's somewhere pretty to put your rubbish. However, you need a plastic clip to make the one in the book, and I don't have one. So I decided to stitch it onto one of the plain canvas bags I have, and then hang it over the back. It should work great (hopefully) and I'm going to stitch the words "trash bunnies" on it too. My car is full of toys and Hello Kitty things, so I think this will look right at home there.

Speaking of stitchalongs, the piece I did for the May Stitchalong. May's piece was a competition, and whoever won got free patterns and fabric. But the Cate Anevski (pattern designer) decided to give out a free pattern to everyone who entered (you can check out her Etsy shop here).

Image via

I choose this lovely Alice in Wonderland pattern. Love it. So glad I took part.

And on a final embroidery related note (and Alice in Wonderland as it turns out), I am taking part in Wild Olive's embroidery class. I love embroidery and I love Wild Olive so it seemed like the perfect combo. Plus I always want to make my skills better. The class starts tomorrow I believe, and while I don't think I'll have time to follow along online perfectly in the 5 weeks, I do aim to make every project she puts up.

Another benefit to signing up to the class was a I got a free DMC floss pack (the first DMC floss I have owned I think) and a free pattern (because I was on the newsletter list and I signed up uber early). The floss is waiting for my at my mum's. I'll show you photos when I get it. I also chose Wild Olive's Alice in Wonderland pattern as my free pattern.

Image via
Too cute right? Love it.

So as I make my projects, I'll post up photos of the finished projects. She already has a free pattern up there which I'm counting in the list of things I need to do. So excited. I highly urge you all to sign up for the class and get involved!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

109 - Derby fun


Well as you know, I love derby. And one of the things I love most about it is jumping. Like big jumps. A while ago, at a Saturday practise, I managed to jump eight cones. So today I tried to break that. And I managed 9. It was so much fun. The only video I had of me making the nine shows ref Andy Clockwise falling, but that was just the only video I had where I made 9. He actually did 12 in the end (cleared 13 but fell). He's a master jumper.

 And finally, a little bruise photo, as it wouldn't be derby if they're weren't bruises. I got this last week from getting kicked in the shin at practise (not on purpose I might add). It went a lovely shade of purple this morning so I thought it was photo worthy.


Friday, 17 June 2011

108 - Look mum! I can do french knots!

French knots have been my enemy since I started my needle craft hobbies. Despite them looking so easy, I can never seem to get them right. Until tonight that is. Since I did some fill stitch on my Superman coaster, I decided to try another stitch I was having trouble with and tried the french knot on my Robin coaster. And it totally worked! So happy. So here's so more coaster updates. They are looking sexy if I do say so myself.

I think this one looks the best. Fill stitch is not the best but still bitchin' in my opinion

All french knots. So proud.

I don't know why this one looks so fail round the edges. Might try to fix it.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

107 - Coasters and magazines...then chicken

So I'm just about to pop out for some yummy KFC. I had one last week and since then I've been dreaming of another salsa wrap thing. Nom. So nom! But before I go, I thought I would do another quick update of my Batman table set. I'm working through two coasters because I had some black thread left over after finishing the Superman one, so I just kept going till I ran out.

My first attempt (well one that I've left in anyway) of a fill stitch


Not much more progress than last time, but fill stitch takes a lot more time than I thought it would.

On another crafty note, my lovely friend and fellow roller girl Kiki (also a craft mad person) gave me a loan of like the only craft magazines I don't buy on a regular basis. So I have these four lovely magazines to read over, probably tomorrow.

So now I'm off for chicken, nom nom!

Monday, 13 June 2011

106 - Batman tableware update

So just to prove I don't just start things and forget about them, I have been stitching my Batman tableware set. However, with other smaller project pulling me here and there, it's hard to keep track. Tonight though I found a little time to stitch (while watching Pineapple Express) and so I did one coaster and a tiny bit of another to finish of the black thread I had pulled off.

Hopefully I'll get on these more in the coming weeks. I'm excited.



Sunday, 12 June 2011

105 - Derby crushes

Every time I watch derby, I fall in love with the girls who play it. I practise with a very lovely group of these girls twice a week, and I'm in awe of watching them and how amazing they are. When I go and watch other teams play I always end up derby crushing on someone new. Just being so jealous and so amazed by there derby skills and aiming to be like them one day. It usually ends up being a jammer, as I would love to think one day I could be an amazing jammer, but I'll have to lose a lot more of the fear first.

I went to see London play Edinburgh yesterday and oh my lord they were amazing. I loved them so much. Even though Edinburgh lost, that doesn't seem to matter in derby. Edinburgh played brilliantly and it was so much fun to watch. You don't go home hating the other team when you lose.

So here are some of my favourite non-Edinburgh derby crushes.

Littlest Peepshow from Dundee.
Image via 
Clinically Wasted from Aberdeen.
Image via 

Psychomilly from Dundee.
Image via 
Metallikat from London
 Image via

Lola Vulkano from London.
Image via

Friday, 10 June 2011

104 - June stitch along.

So, Feeling Stitchy are doing their June stitch along a little different this month. This month you can pick whatever free pattern you want/you can find and then upload it to the pool. That way you're all stitching something different and lots of lovely people who give away free patterns will get some linkage. Cool beans right?

So I've picked my pattern already and its this lovely piece.

Image via

You can find the pattern here and yup it's free. So if you fancy stitching this up go ahead, or find your own pattern. No idea what I'm going to stitch it on, but I'll get there.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

103 - Sick craft times

I don't just mean amazing crafts (totally sick dude), I mean I was actually ill and I used the time to craft. I've been ill since Sunday (two missed skate sessions this week = not happy) and I was off work on Tuesday and Wednesday (god knows why I dragged my ass in on Monday of all days).

So while I was wallowing around the flat about being ill, missing skating and the fact we now have to move house (our landlord is selling our flat, so we're getting kicked out on the 6th of August. Sigh) I got my craft on. Have a peek.

Cross stitch card and gift tag for my Dad
Father's Day card and gift tag cross stitch

Pinhead finger puppet
Pinhead from Hellraiser finger puppet

Marge Simpson perler beads
Marge Simpson perler bead character via. I may have done one bead wrong around her boobs. Oops.

So while being off ill wasn't the best thing in the world, it did give me a lot of time to craft. I have many other things I want to make, I wish I had the time to sit down and do them all in a row.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

102 - Derby action shots

Okay, so I don't get a lot of photos of me in derby gear (even less when I'm actually skating), and I like to see them because obviously I never know what I look like when I'm skating. It's always good to see if my stance is as good as I hope it is.

Anyway, last week another derby girl was taking photos of us, so here's a couple of me :D. Good times.

Me and the derby wife. I should have taken my mouth guard out.

Pink helmet and pink shorts = total concentration
I missed derby today because I was ill. I felt skating fast and running around like a tool wouldn't be too could when my throat is dying. I don't like missing practise but I guess I've got to face up to the fact that I'll miss it sometimes (being on holidays or being ill/hurt...or bleeding through my tights like I did last week ha ha). I look forward to Wednesday, and skating my heart out.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

101 - Cat for Connie

Just a quick post to prove that I still actually craft and don't just work and play derby solid. My fellow derby girl Connie Lingus (yes, amazing skate name I know) asked me to sew her a cat finger puppet she had found in a picture. So I'm afraid this a copy of another finger puppet and not made up from my own brain, but Connie wanted a little version all her own or she would die (direct quote).

So I stitched him up one night this week in about an hour and he's pretty cute. I think it would be fun to make more like puppets but like my own designs from my own head. Like crazy little zombie animals or something. I might have a think.

Anyway here he is.

Cat finger puppet for Connie

Friday, 3 June 2011

100 - Learnt to cross stitch?

Okay, so you may have seen from my New Year list update yesterday that I had decided on way to mark whether I had learnt a craft or not. I decided once I have made 5 completed project for that craft, I would count as having learnt how to do it.

Obviously I won't have learnt everything I need by then, but I'll have picked up the basics enough to make stuff in the future.

I went to update my list for the next time, as I'd already published yesterday, and discovered I've done 5 completed cross stitch project (and I'm in the middle of another one right now for Father's Day). While I in no way think this means I've fully learnt the craft, I do think I can do it a hell of a lot better than I could when I started. And with all the books and magazines I've bought, I'll definitely be doing a lot more of it and learning a lot more too.

So here are the 5 completed things I've done so far (which you'll have seen already). The Jack Russell at the bottom is definitely my best effort. Do you think I can cross stitch now? A girl can dream.

Cross stitch keyring

Kitty cross-stitch

Thank you card

Cross stitch pin cushion

Jack Russell stitched card

Thursday, 2 June 2011

99 - New Years List Update

So it's June. Woo. That means I have done four months of my New Year's Resolutions already. Man, I can see me so not finishing a lot of them! Scary times. Anyway, I think I've crossed a few more of, so have a looks.

I'm not sure how to determine when I've "learned how to cross stitch" or "learned how to knit" or I'll have a think about that. I thought maybe when I'd done 5 completed projects or something, shows I've got a pretty good grasp of it? I'll think I'll go with that, and update for next month. (The True Blood books are definitely helping me get towards my 50 books.)

Completed goals will be struck out when I do them.

Goal in progress are in bold.

1. Watch 50 films I haven't seen.
(1. Basketcase 2.)
(2. Basketcase 3.)
(3. Eat, Pray, Love.)
(4. Blades of Glory.)
(5. Toy Story 3.) 
(6. Despicable Me.) 
(7. Megamind.)
(8. The Batman vs Dracula.) 
(9. Serenity.) 
(10. House of Wax (original).) 
(11. Hellboy.) 
(12. Hellboy II.) 
(13. Bee Movie.) 
(14. Husk.) 
(15. Tangled.) 
(16. The Holiday.) 
(17. Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.) 
(18. Insidious.) 
(19. Wall-E.) 
2. Read 50 books I haven't read.
(1. Needful Things by Stephen King.) (Started it last year but I read a good 75% of it this year.)
(2. Whip It by Shauna Cross.)
(3. Dead Until Dark (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.) 
(4. Living Dead in Dallas (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.) 
(5. Club Dead (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.)
(6. Currently reading Dead to the World (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.) 
3. Read 20 graphic novels I haven't read.
4. Buy and read 50 comic books.
(1. Predators - Friend or Foe?! No.1.)
(2. Daredevil - The Man Without Fear. No. 507.)
(3. The Expendables. No.2.) 
5. Go to the theatre 5 times.
6. Go to 5 gigs. 
(1. Gay for Johnny Depp, The Computers, Secta Rouge, Shields Up - Sneaky Pete's - 21/02/2011. I only stayed for Shields Up and Secta Rouge, but then I was only really there to see Shield's Up.)
7. Watch 10 TV series that I have and have never watched the whole way through (I do this a lot).
(1. Father of the Pride - The Complete Series.)
(2. American Dad!: Volume 5.) 
(3. The Big Bang Theory - Season 1).  
(4. The Big Bang Theory - Season 2).  
8. Pass my minimums at roller derby.
9. Read 10 biographies/autobiographies.
(1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.)
(2. Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg.) 
10. Go to a home bout for all the Scottish teams (Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow (and maybe the central team if they get going by the end of the year). 
(1. Aberdeen vs Perth - Taco Hell - 12/02/2011.)
(2. Edinburgh vs Wakefield - Crashablanca - 26/02/2011.) 
11. Make my way through my French lesson CD's.
12. Learn to play 10 songs off-by heart on my keyboard.
13. Learn how to knit.
14. Learn how to cross-stitch.
15. Make 10 crafty kits. 
(1. Dreaming Kitty - Cross stitch kit.)
(2. Mackintosh Rose Keyring - Cross stitch kit.)
(3. Bat - Soft toy kit.) 
(4. Vintage pincushion stitch kit.) 
16. Fill my sketch book.
17. Fill my owl notebook.
18. Go on holiday in a caravan.
19. Go to Glasgow for a night out.
20. Get a new tattoo.
21. Learn to play poker.
22. Learn to read my tarot cards.
23. Learn to read my rune stones.
24. Learn to play chess so I know all the moves.
25. Eat at 10 places I've never eaten at before.
(1. Compass in Leith.)
(2. The Constitution in Leith.) 
26. Go to Paris.
27. Learn to crochet.
28. Pass my rules test at roller derby.
29. Get my gamer score to 15,000.
30. Try and have a blog and actually keep it.