Tuesday, 30 August 2011

151 - Crafty Monday!

So yesterday I was quite crafty which is quite good. I made something, but it's a present, so I can't show you until the person gets it.

I also made a needle book to match a small tin I got free with an issue of Cross Stitcher. They gave you the pattern to make the matching set. I made mine pink (obv) and used some vintage buttons that were my grans. Love it.

Needlebook to match tin

I also tried my hand at button making and made this Pacman one. It's a bit squint, but I've never made a button before, and cross stitch fabric is hard to try and push down! It's so hard! So I think it was good that I tried an easy design first. Still looks cool though.

Pacman button

And finally, I read a post on one of the craft magazine's Facebook pages where someone was complaining that the magazine should print which issue a kit came from on the kit so when you went back to make it, you wouldn't have to spend years looking for the right issue. I suggested they just label them and it would be easy to keep track. So today I took my own advice, and used my label maker *love* and labeled all my craft kits with which magazine and which issue they were from (or if the patterns were in an email or in my pattern folder). So organised and I love it. I'll need to do this every time I get a new kit now.


Back to work today. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 29 August 2011

150 - Bank holiday Monday

So today is a bank holiday Monday, well for most of us. My boyfriend is currently working, though he finishes at 1, so we're off to Illegal Jack's for lunch. Nom nom nom, Mexican food, I cannot wait. But until then I am watching trashy TV in my PJ's.

Over the weekend me and my Mum went shopping up to Livingston shopping centre (which is out of town, but is actually better then wandering around the cold in Edinburgh). I picked up some craft books at the discount book store, which is always fun. They're knitting and crochet books, which I know I cannot do yet, but I still have big dreams of being able to do them, and these books were crazy cheap, so I thought I might as well.


Now, you may have noticed that it's getting very cold...in fact, if you were in Edinburgh last night, it was insanely cold! Autumn is on it's way, which means the shops are full with Autumn and Winter fashions. I have to say (and you may think me weird) I prefer cold weather fashion. I love big coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots, leg warmers, woolly tights and long socks. I'm not very into "what's in fashion", I just like wearing what I wear, but hey, if something is all over the stores, and I like it, it's sort of a bonus.

Let me tell you, the shops did not disappoint at the weekend, the Autumn Winter clothes in like every shop are amazing. They're all mustard, navy blue and brown and very nom. There is also a lot of animal print type things, which is always good by me.

Now, one thing I have wanted for quite some time is a scarf that looks like a dead fox. This may seem odd, but I remember seeing one in Elle Girl when I was a teenager and loving it. The one in the magazine was pink and amazing, and it has made me covet one ever since. A few weeks ago when the boy took me to an art gallery in town, they had one in the gift shop, all orange and perfect, however it was £50 because it was knitted by some artist! Tsk! I even planned to try and knit one myself, but you know my knitting progress is not the best.

Then on Saturday, I wandered into Claire's Accessories (yes I know it's meant for 12 year old, but I still love it) because they had some lovely deer print socks, and spotted this little guy!


I cannot express how exciting I got, my mum looked a little worried. The best thing is, Livingston also has a discount Claires, where everything is 30% off, so I popped along to that one and bought him. He's amazing! Though he's not very wide, he's made of quite thick wool, so he's going to be awesome when it starts getting cold. I also got some lovely fingerless brown gloves with fur on the top. Sure, I look like Teen Wolf, but they're awesome!

So I'm going to try and use the rest of my day off to make some things. I have a cross stitch and an embroidery pattern that I want to try and make, so lets see how much of that I can get through today.

Friday, 26 August 2011

149 - Cross stitch is meant to be relaxing?!?!?

I love cross stitching. I think the finished result looks amazing. But I have to admit, it stresses me out no end. Here are some reasons why.

  • I seem to run out of thread a lot. I blame the kit, but I'm sure it's me, trailing stitches along the back of my work. 
  • I hate doing backstitch round the edge of a project. So hard sometimes. But it looks shit if you don't do it most of the time, and I like things to look nice. 
  • I apparently can't count. I always seem to get one bit of it wrong. 
  • Symbols always seem to be too alike. Confusement. 
  • Similiary, colours can be too like eachother. 4 or 5 shades of pink in one project can be quite hard to keep track of. 
  • Frames/cards you get in free kits don't always seem to fit exactly how you would like. 
  • Getting the needle through the right square can sometimes be very hard.
On that note, I've made a new cross stitch. It's my Gran's birthday on Saturday, so I've stitched her this card kit I got from World of Cross Stitching. It was quite hard, and it doesn't seem to fit the frame as well as it should (not my fault though, as it is stitched correctly) but I still think it looks lovely.

Cross stitch All Our Yesterdays Card

I do love cross stitching magazines, as you get amazing little kits free. And they always look so lovely. So while it can stress me out sometimes, I won't be giving up cross stitching any time soon.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

148 - Facebook prize

So I got my Cross Stitch Crazy Facebook page prize over the weekend, which I won for becoming their 5000th fan. So here it is.


Cute right?

While I was secretly hoping it was going to be a bunch of thread or a new pattern, I can't be mad when this Fizzy Moon bear is so cute!

Thanks Cross Stitch Crazy.

Monday, 22 August 2011

147 - Crafty music

Craft really get everywhere doesn't it? I love when craft mixed with other cool things and gives out an awesome result. As a nice little fun blog post I thought I would try and find some crafty music videos after I saw Crafted talking about an Ok Go crafty music videos.

1. Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man.

Best crafty video ever I think. A lot of crazy knitting going on here.

2. The White Stripes - Fell In Love With a Girl.

Legos! Need I say more!

3. They Might Be Giants - Why is the Sun Shining?

Plasticine. And educational!

4. Tricot Machine - Quebec.

I'd never seen this video before I started searching for this post, but all the frames are knitted! How cool.

5. Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full of Lead.

Again more modelling. Probably best considering the graphic scene at the end!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

146 - Crafty apps

So I must be the only person the world that doesn't have a phone that support the millions of apps which are out these days. Okay, so maybe that's not true, but it sure feels like it. The other day I read a post on She Blog's Too about a crafty iPhone app and I thought it was awesome. While trying to show my boyfriend what I was talking about, we discovered there are quite a lot of crafty app out there. So here are the best 5 that I found.

1. Thread Counter App.
This little app was the one I read one She Blogs Too but I think it is amazing. It basically allows you to keep track of what thread you own, what you want and how many you need to buy. Imagine popping out to the craft store and not having to worry about buying too much tread or the wrong thread. This app would stop that happening.

2. Thread Converter App.

Only use DMC thread but the pattern is all in Anchor codes? Don't worry. This handy little app can tell you what the code would be if you were using the other brand. Time saving a-hoy!

3. Cross stitch fabric calculator.

Never buy the wrong fabric again this app proclaims. I don't do a lot of cross stitching on fabric I buy myself, as a lot of my pieces have been pre-made kits, but I do know the couple of time I have done it, trying to decide what size of piece to use can be stressful. This lets you put in the stitch count and the thread count and tells you what size you need. No more wasting or stitching yourself short.

4. Stitcher's helper.

This one basically helps you keep track of everything you need when you are doing crafty projects. It has various calculators, allows you to attach photos of projects and keep track of how far into your project you are. Perfect if you like doing more than one project at once.

5. Knitting stash.

This is basically exactly what it sounds like. If you (like me) forget what size knitting needles you have when your out shopping, this app allows you to keep track of everything knitting and crochet related you might own. Love.

I think what I've learnt from this is that I need an iPhone/Android phone.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

145 - Craft community

One thing I've noticed since I've started doing my blog is that people from the craft community are amazing. Everyone is keen to help each other out and I think that's great.

A while ago I had bought a cross-stitch kit off eBay minus the chart and the lovely Cider with Sophie rushed to my rescue and scanned me the pattern. As you'll have read further down, I did this again this week. I just can't resist a cheap cross-stitch kit.

I posted my dilemma on Twitter, Cross Stitcher's Facebook page and Cross Stitch Crazy's Facebook page. After finding a picture and EVENTUALLY finding what issue it was from, I got a couple offers from some lovely fellow stitchers. I can now say I have the pattern for my Christmas cat sitting in my inbox, so thanks to everyone who offered help on the crafty Facebook pages! So now I can get on it and stitch up my cat in plenty of time for Christmas.

On another Facebook related note, I won a competition on Cross Stitch Crazy's Facebook page for being their 5000's fan! Very happy! I'll let you know what my awesome prize is when I get it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

144 - Chairty knitting

During my charity shop shopping at the weekend I spotted something rather cool, which I had actually seen last year and forgotten about. I was in the Age UK shop and saw a poser for The Big Knit with Innocent Drinks. What they want you to do is knit a little hat to go on the top of an Innocent drink and for every one they get, they'll give 25p to Age UK. Pretty sweet deal huh? It's mean you get to knit a lovely little hat, and Innocent give some nice money to charity. If you click on the link above, there are some lovely pattern ideas for you to try out (because let's face it, not all of us know how to knit a tiny hat!).

So, I was having a look at other charity knitting type stories, and it turns out there are a few you can involved in. I found this too cute story about Battersea Cat and Dog home getting a whole load of donated knitted mice for the little kitties to play with.

Image via
Turns out they had asked for the donations in an earlier story and even given you the pattern to do a cute little striped mouse. Even though they've received a tonne of mice, they're apparently still looking for more if you want to get involved.

And finally, we have the Tree Cozy Project, which aims to cover two huge trees in giant tree cozies. You can take part by looking on the blog and getting the pattern to knit a square with will be added to the cozy. The whole point of this project is to get people learning how to knit and crochet, being part of the community, sharing you skills and celebrating your town (or at least the town the trees are in right?).

So if you love knitting and you're not sure what to knit, why not do something for the greater good, and get involved with some of these projects. If I could knit a tiny hat, I would definitely be all over this.

Monday, 15 August 2011

143 -The perfect week

If I had the time, and could plan my week however I wanted, it would look like this.

Image via

Sunday, 14 August 2011

142 - Love, thy name is label maker

Yesterday my mum came over and we went for a nice walk through town and visited Stockbridge, which is an amazing area in Edinburgh for charity shops. I do love charity shops, I'm always on the look out for a crafty bargain.

First shop we went to I got this lovely cross stitch kit. I thought it would be perfect for Christmas, as I'm planning on stitching a lot of thing for Christmas this year.


 Cute right? Only problem was, when I got home, I realised that I didn't have the pattern because it would be in the magazine! Doh! So if anyone has the magazine that has this pattern in it, any chance you could email me a scan or a photo? I've done this before buying kits on eBay! I'm so stupid!

Then we went to Cancer Research and I picked up this beauty!


It only cost me £4 and was still in all of it's packaging. According to the very nice sales assistant lady Brother had been selling them and then giving the profits to Cancer Research, but when they stopped selling them, they just donated all the spare stock to the Cancer Research shops. Awesome right. I've always wanted a label maker but thought them too expensive, but for £4, I can hardly argue. It came with the batteries, white tape and iron on fabric tape, and, it's pink!

I've already started labeling things!

I love charity shops.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


So, I may say that derby is the only sport that I love, but that would be a lie. I love wrestling. Yes it might be sad, and yes it might not be the realist sport in the world, but I still love it, particularity TNA wrestling. As we speak as I watching the latest Pay Per View. Good times. I think I love the combo of fighting, women in awesome outfits and bad story-lines. It's like a hardcore soap opera.

Anyway, to celebrate the occasion, here's some etsy goodies!

'Mexican wrestler' by SkatesandStitches

I love wrestling.

Luchador thumb wrestler...

Wool felt luggage tag -...

Mexican Wrestler Luchad...

Crochet Pattern- El Cic...

Felt Mexican Wrestler B...

Green Vinyl Luchador Wr...

Sting the Wrestler T-Sh...

El Tigre (The Tiger Cat...

Crochet Pattern- El Ray...

I Love Wrestling Charm...

Blue Demon

Sweet & Sour Goodies Lu...

Big Show WWE Wrestler B...

Sin Cara - The new luch...

Hulk Hogan battles Mumm...

Lucha Libre Guitar Pick...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

140 - Stitchy goodness

Fizzy Moon birthday card for my mum

I made this lovely Fizzy Moon card for my Mum's birthday which I got free in Cross Stitch Crazy, but I have to tell you, it was a pain in the ass. There was 6 or 7 colours which looked exactly the same, no matter how much natural light I held them under, so much in fact, that I stitch his feet in the wrong colour.

I'm also not that keen on back stitch, especially not this much, with all the fur detail, so I went a little off pattern.

I have to say, this is one of the most stressful patterns I have ever done, but I have to say, it does look cute now that it is done, which I'm very happy about, so hopefully my mum will like it.

Friday, 5 August 2011

138 - To be embroidered

The great thing about embroidery is that as long as you can trace it, you can literally make anything into an embroidery pattern. I see things on sites like Tumblr all the time that I think would be amazing if I embroidered them on to something. I've seen a lot of things lately that I think would make good embroidery pieces, so check them out and see what you think.

Also on a slightly stitchy note, check out this awesome Harry Potter cross stitch chart I also found on Tumblr. You can get the pattern from here.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

137 - The forgotten craft

With all the moving and mental-ness of the past couple of weeks I had some little crafty things that I kept meaning to show you and kept forgetting. So here they are, the forgotten craft...

A few weeks ago a derby friend called Kiki passed on some lovely cross stitch books to me. I thought she was letting me borrow them, but turns out she was giving them to me! Amazing times right. She had saw them at a car boot sale and thought of me.




They look a bit retro, but they have a lot of standard-ish designs so they should come in handy.

And on cross-stitchy note, while I was sorting through an old notebook, I found this lovely witch cross-stitch my mum had made for me when I was about 15. It's very cute, and is now proudly displayed on my bookcase.